Agile Do It / featuring Jonathan Rasmusson

I attended "Agile Do It", half day conference for agile practitioners and beginners. That conference operated by DeNA people, it cost no charge, pulled highly passionate people and had good translator for Jonathan and Japanese people.

  • Keynote "Agile in nutshell" held by Jonathan Rasmusson, the author of "The Agile Samurai".
  • Talk by change makers from these large companies below.
  • Wrap up panel "Scrum Masters' talk"
  • party !!

I feel each talks had real story. Hashimoto-san from Square Enix have been trying to change large game development project by tailoring several practices even in WaterFall, as the company's CTO. Onozawa-san and Takahashi-san from Yahoo Japan have been trying to make teams healthy and productive on rapidly changing environment, Takahashi-san also said he referred Fearless Change, a well-known change agents' bible. Kaise-san as leader for adoption and Ooide-san/Mori-san as practitioners from DeNA, they showed their adoption stories on various type of projects.

The organizer Takebe-san tweeted:

@nuichi #agiledoit は手応えのあった、いいイベントだったと素直に思う。大きめの会社でさえも取りくんでいる+親近感が沸く苦労があることを感じとってもらう→交流と情報交換の活性化→より良いソフトウェア開発プロセスをみんなで見つけていきたい。

@nuichi I think #agiledoit was good event and I got a sense of achievement. We could get some messages: such a big companies are also taking their actions to adopt agile, they also has faced hard times in each way, so we have affinity. Then, I 'd like to nurture communications across companies, and we will find the new way of software development.